Sun. 25th Feb, 6 PM, Lokal HarmonieHarmoniestr. 41, 47119 Duisburg, Route
Sun. 11th Mar, 6 PM, ZEITMAUL theaterImbuschplatz 11 , 44787 Bochum, Route

It is about oblivion. On his escape from Syria Ahmed Almoulky has completely lost his memory for half an hour of his life – no memory of his name, marital status, background, occupation … The play is about escaping and forgetting. Dancing can also be an escape, can serve oblivion … Two dancers as they can not be more different: Orient – Occident, small – long, fast – slow, modern dance – Butoh, Muslim – Jehovah’s Witness, escaped – protected … And nevertheless they dance together.


Ahmed Almoulky, professional dancer and choreographer from Syria
Harald Schulte, professional dancer and choreographer from Germany

IDEA  Ahmed Almoulky  MUSIC DESIGN  Harald Schulte

Here you can find a portrait of the dancer and choreographer Ahmed Almoulky.


… was founded by Harald Schulte and is being reorganized from project to project according to the needs of each task. Most members are professional dancers. However, there are also stage plays in which semi-professionals and amateurs work together with professionals. Common to all projects is the way of working: the idea of ​​the “danse automatique” (automatic dance).

WEB  compagnie-danse-automatique.de

Vergessen im akustischen Raum

Am kommenden Samstag bieten Ahmed Almoulky und Harald Schulte zum zweiten Mal ihre Tanzperformance »Oblivion«  dar.  Diesmal breiten die beiden professionellen Tänzer ihren akustischen Teppich im Bochumer ZEITMAULtheater aus.

Einen kleinen, visuellen Vorgeschmack bieten die Fotografien von der Premiere in Duisburg vor knapp zwei Wochen. Den Weg zur Aufführung am Samstag, 10. März, um 18 Uhr in Bochum findet ihr hier.