And now swing

Fri. 23rd Feb, 7:30 PM, ZEITMAUL theater, Imbuschplatz 11 , 44787 Bochum, Route
Fri. 9th Mar, 8 PM, Lokal HarmonieHarmoniestr. 41, 47119 Duisburg, Route

A performance on the topic of migration.

Migration is crossing crooked lines. Who crosses a crooked line gets something crooked. Something is crooked for ever as a stigma and it is the price for crossing that line. What part of a human can get crooked though? Well, his fingers for example – crooked fingers. Or his his view which has to walk crooked ways to reach his counterparts eyes. Especially if his counterpart has never crossed a crooked line before. That is the price again that he has to pay – he evokes something crooked. Which price is the higher one?

The theatrical performance “And now swing” is an attempt to treat the topic migration with linguistical and visual poesy, with sensuousness and witticism.

THEATRICAL PERFORMANCE  Steffi Staltmeier, Zeynep Topal, Witek Danielczok

DRAWINGS  Wibke Brandes
VIDEO ART  Carsten Schecker
DIRECTION  Witek Danielczok


Founded in the beginning of 2008 by the Bochum author Witek Danielczok in cooperation with Darak Ziaja, ZEITMAUL is one of the few author theaters.

Texts and ideas by Witek Danielczok shape the work of the stage significantly. In 2015 the stage found a new home directly on the Nordring in the city centre of Bochum. The ZM passionately establishes its firm place in the Bochum theater landscape as a literary theater, as a premiere theater, as a theater of monologues and last but not least as a music theater.


Im Lokal Harmonie schaukeln

Am morgigen Freitag, den 9. März, wird es wieder um die krumme Linie und ihr Überschreiten gehen. Nach der Premiere von »Und jetzt schaukle« im Bochumer ZEITMAULtheater vor nicht ganz zwei Wochen werden die Videoleinwände nun im Duisburger Lokal Harmonie aufgebaut.

Wie freuen uns über viele Gäste und eine erneut spannende Performance zum Thema Migration. Bei der Premiere war der Fotograf Frank Kurczyk zugegen und hat einige Momente festgehalten, um sie mit dem Refugee Talks Blog zu teilen. Hier gehts zur Route nach Duisburg.